Could Just Anyone Do What SEO Companies Do?


Ever since computers started to proliferate the homes and offices of the general public, people assume that you can do anything that the pros can do. From upgrading the RAM on your tower, to installing new drivers, operating systems and so much more.

images-3More than ever before, you’ll find that tutorials, videos, and even books come out to tout the fact that tech can be conquered by anyone.

Could that be true about search engine optimization? Could just anyone do exactly what SEO companies do? That’s a question worth exploring, especially with so many companies trying to compete for market share in this industry.

True Optimization Takes A Lot of Time

The one factor in all of this that no one seems to think about is simple, there’s a time quotient involved. When you replace RAM on a computer, you simply add a chip to the existing slot or you replace an existing one.

That’s it, you open up your box or laptop and you install the chip and watch your computer start to take a faster route to process certain pieces.

There is no easy, open and shut, option when it comes to optimizing your pages for search. Too many people make the assumption that you can simply open up your site and do the same thing that professional SEO companies can do.

If you have hours on end, each and every day, then yes. You can definitely do this on a professional level, it will just take you hours on end, daily.

Even after months of involvement, you may not find yourself getting much traffic, which is the one caveat to the “DIY” methodology that so many bloggers are promoting in regards to SEO.

Building Relationships (Backlinks)

When you work within SEO companies, you don’t have to make the hard introductions. You don’t have to try and find other sites in your niche and then email them without warning.

It’s difficult to manage the link generation necessary to get traffic from search engines. Most people don’t realize just how complicated this can be, and it’s for that simple reason that you may find yourself fighting to get just 1 link from a relevant source. When you hire a company that specializes in this type of work, however, you will find that the links start to proliferate a bit faster.

You cannot compare what someone does on a professional level in this industry against what someone that is doing this as a hobby can do. It takes a certain level of experience to get moving forward with proper implementation, that’s for sure.

Internet Marketing

. They work on internet marketing as a whole. The branches here are part of a larger network of options that you have to build towards or you will not get any sort of influence within search results.images

Getting to that #1 spot in Google is a complicated endeavor, and something that will definitely require you to forge ahead with marketing and optimization hand in hand.

Without both of them working simultaneously, you will not see increases in your numbers, and could end up waiting six months or longer for the SEO to take you to new heights.

No matter whom you decide to hire, make sure that you have realistic goals and ideas as to what you are going to get as a result of optimization.

Most people get confused as to what companies can do in regards to getting attention on the internet. Do not assume that you will be #1 overnight, and do not assume that you are going to be able to turn this on and see a deluge of traffic.

These things take time, and could take years before you are the #1 site in your niche.

Finding an SEO Consultant


There’s a lot of type about SEO or Search Engine Optimization nowadays. There are studies and researches done to show how much positive impact it can have on businesses. And of course, as a business owner, you see the benefits and would like to enjoy these as well. When deciding to hire a professional, you need to remember that there are always two sides on a coin.

When done properly, SEO can help increase your profit. However, working with the wrong people can have disastrous results. Here are some tips on finding the best consultant.

Avoid Marketing Traps

You’ve probably received an email or two from companies offering their services to help improve your website. These usually have a friendly tone and encourage you to hire their company. Although, this might be very tempting, it may benefit you to stay away from these consulting firms.


The first thing you need to know is how it works. When looking for a consultant, it is important that you understand the basics of optimizing techniques. Below are two of the common factors in SEO.

  • Keywords – A person uses a search engine to find what they need. So if they were looking for a bed, that’s the keyword they would use. Search engines would then recommend companies that have this on their website. Key word count and placement play a huge role in getting top ranking.
  • Link Exchange – When choosing the best results to offer, search engines do a link analysis. They check relevant links and use that for ranking as well.

seo-consultantThere are a lot of SEO consultants to choose from. You want to find the one who can help your business grow. Check websites for what services they offer and look at their customer ratings. You want to hire one that has a good success rate. Although testimonials are great, you may want to check how well their other customers are ranking online.

You can also ask friends or associates who have worked with consultants below and see if they have any recommendations.

Pre Hire Interview

Meet and talk to different experts before hiring one. Let them go through a “job interview” so they can impress you with their experience and game plan. Ask a lot of questions to see how they can address your current challenges with your online sales. They can make or break you, so it is very important to know what kind of strategies they will be using. Below are some points you may want to cover:

  • Campaign Analysis – To ensure that your investment in SEO is a success, an analysis of how effective the strategies are will be invaluable. Check if they are able to provide this to you during your contract term.
  • Length of Contract – Successful and confident companies offer a shorter contract term to get ROI on your SEO venture. You want to hire experts who can deliver results faster.
  • Client List – While researching online will tell you how many clients the company has worked with, it is still important to ask this personally. What you’re looking for is a company that has long term and repeat customers.
  • Link Building Strategies – Ask about what strategy they will be using to improve your rating. Check if they utilize white hat, grey hat or black hat strategies. Beware of experts who use black hat as this will have a negative impact on your company.
  • Keyword Strategy – Ask what keyword/s they intend to use to improve your ranking. In addition, clarify how and which parts of your site they will use these keyword/s at.
  • SEO Company Ranking – Since you will be using their services to improve your ranking on search engine results, ask about their own ranking. You want to work with a company who can walk the talk. If their strategies are effective, then these should reflect in their own company’s website.
  • ROI Projection – The reason you’re investing in SEO is to boost your business’ profits. Don’t hesitate to ask about when you can expect an ROI from this marketing strategy.
  • Support – As a client, you will of course have questions about the marketing strategies they will be utilizing. Ask about what kind or support you will be receiving from them. Will you be getting a dedicated manager you can contact for any concern you may have?

What You Should Be Suspicious Of When Looking for an SEO Company


Search engine optimization is a process essential to websites. It is required when one is aiming to have better visibility online. This process is not easy for amateurs so it is better for you, as the site owner, to leave search engine optimization to the professionals. This just means you have to look for an SEO company you can hire for this particular job.

seoYou don’t just hire the first company you can find. Even if that firm is a referral made by a family member you trust, you still have to look into its background, as well as look for other companies to consider. This way, you can be sure that you are really picking the best search engine optimization company you can find. You can make comparisons and choose according to what company appeals to you the most. At the end of the day, this is all about avoiding the mistake of assuming that what’s best for others is also best for you.

Since you are going to hire the company, it will be to your advantage if you know what to look for. You need to find an SEO firm that has been in this business for a long time, with experienced specialists, and positive reputation. The whole optimization process should also be offered at a good price. You are definitely lucky if you can find such an ideal company to entrust the search engine optimization needs of your website.

Aside from looking into these qualities, you should watch out for potential red flags. These are factors that should make you suspicious if ever you find them in certain companies. By checking for these red flags though, you can easily stay away from those companies that merely offer poor quality workHere are those red flags that you must be mindful of if you want to make the most out of the money you’d spend:

1.) Instant results.

It is possible for an SEO firm to get instant results. If the firm uses underhanded tricks, they can get you the instant results that you’re yearning for. However, just know that these underhanded tactics will not go unnoticed by search engines. When these underhanded tactics do get noticed, your website will be the one affected the most. There will be serious repercussions for you.

2.) The top spot on Google.

This promise is way too good to be true. It is actually a great prize for you if your chosen agency can get you that number one spot on the said search engine. However, just know that there should be no search engine optimization agency that can guarantee this kind of outcome. SEO is always in flux so promising the top spot to clients is just plain suspicious.

3.) Guarantees.

Generally, there is no search engine optimization company that can offer a guarantee for the results. This is mainly due to the fact that the SEO industry changes frequently. There is no set schedule for the changes as well. Offering guarantees is just a red flag. You must be wary of companies that offer any guarantees such as “money back” or “100% satisfaction guaranteed”.

4.) Very affordable cost.

It is actually difficult to rely on firms that offer search engine optimization at a price lower than $750 dollars per month. For search engine optimization, you don’t “shop” according to what is the cheapest. You are in the market for the best level of service possible. Rock-bottom prices are just pitfalls you must be wary of. Unbelievable deals that are too good to be true should be avoided.

5.) Shady link-building services.

For SEO, link building is very crucial. Your site will not rank highly in search engines if it does not receive inbound links. The agency you get for the job should use white hat and other ethical approaches in link building since this helps gain link trust. It can be very harmful for your website is you lose link trust.

These are just a few examples of what you need to be wary of. You must pick an SEO company that does not raise any of these red flags. That way, you can be sure that you are spending your money on a company that will give you the best results possible in search engine optimization.

SEOExplode is a standout SEO company amongst the most practical SEO organizations.

5 Essential Tips For Bloggers That Need Traffic From SEO Methodology


One of the best ways to capture the attention of the internet at large is to start a blog. Whether you want to work within the realms of affiliate marketing, or you simply want to have a branch of your business that is informal and updated often, blogging can definitely fit the mold of just about any online plan. Once you set up this type of work, you will find that traffic doesn’t just start to flow. In fact, just like any other website that you can create online today, you will find that there is a great deal of issue that can be developed with traffic generation. It’s for that simple reason that the following tips have been compiled. If you take the 5 essential tips below and you apply them to your SEO strategy, you will see a flood of traffic that could very well make your blog stand out as your #1 brand.

Tip # 1 – Update On A Schedule

seoThe biggest issue that many people have with blogs is that they end up posting far too often. It’s important that you do not just flow through posts at will. Posting multiple times a day only works for news media. If you have opened up an alternative news source, then perhaps you can benefit from updating multiple times a day, but be careful with this. If you don’t have a steady following, your updates may fall short of meeting the goal of gaining traffic. To start, set up a schedule of at least 3 to 5 times a week. Focus on creating quality, new, and unique content and post it up within that framework to start. If you find that you’re getting noticed a lot and people are asking for your updates, then increase, but only after you have focused on a schedule at first.

Tip # 2 – Add An Image on Every Post

It has been stated time and again by experts, and it has been proven by small time bloggers working SEO methods, post an image. If you’re going to write any type of content, look for stock images that relate to what you’re talking about. Do not steal images, but find the right kind and give credit where credit is needed. On the backend, make sure that you fill out the alt, title, and description tags. You absolutely need to make sure that this is filled out and concentrated on following the correct framework of optimization. Otherwise, you will not get the traffic you want, because the loading time will be stifled and the crawl rate will suffer as a result.

Tip # 3 – Keyword Placement

Keywords are important to the overall structure of optimization, however, do not over stuff them in the label section and do not repeat them obnoxiously throughout the content. Too many bloggers and content specialists assume that you need to put writing on hold to fill out pages with keywords that are just repetitive in nature. It’s ok to focus on a keyword, but when you are focusing on density that has you repeating things 19 times per 400 words, it doesn’t look good.

Tip # 4 – All New Ideas and Relevant Commentary

Work out all blogs from scratch, or hire a SEO company that can do this for you. Everything should start with a blank document and be filled up to meet the standards of web users, not robots and not anyone else. You absolutely need to ensure that your posts are going to be read and appreciated by real people, because they will ultimately decide whether or not you deserve more traffic. The bounce rate will definitely tell search engines a lot, so be careful.

Tip # 5 – Share Your Content

Take whatever content that you’re creating and make sure that people can share it online with relative ease. Sharing your URL, updates, and more with social networking is important. It’s easy to forget this, so be careful and highlight things in an appropriate manner. Don’t become a spam artist, but rather share with those that would appreciate the content.

4 Things That You Can Do To Earn Your Links


One of the many branches of search engine optimization and internet marketing as a whole is found through the use of links. Backlinks are going to allow you to gain authority across the web in a lot of different areas. Done right, this could very well give you a good deal of movement forward in terms of traffic generation and beyond. Building the right elements of linking is a good thing, and something that is not to be left to the side without any sort of framework of design elements. You’ll find that if you just go forward with simple solutions in terms of traffic and SEO, you will end up losing market share over time. In order to gain any sort of marketing collateral, you will need to look at earning your links alongside working with aspects of search engine optimization as a whole. With that in mind consider 4 ways that you can build links through the slow moving process of SEO.


Publish Grand Content

The first thing that you should be working on is content. Content updates will help you gain leverage through a number of different cycles and could very well change the way that you see the future of your optimization. Publishing articles can help as you will be able to find a venue that will host your links and more. The backlinks that you get from publishing content online may be one way or they could send you through a cycle of different elements online. The key here is to build authority through what you’re posting up. You absolutely need to focus on this sort of implementation moving forward, so that you are able to gain the right collateral over time. The key is to understand how content works and what your audience wants from your niche. If you can tap into what the needs of the audience are, you’ll gain authority and that’s the building blocks for something grand, guaranteed.

content publishing

Start A Blog

The next thing that you will want to look into is starting a blog. Bloggers can create a lot of noise with their words, and posts. You just have to focus on publishing blog updates that are diverse, full of life, and rich with keywords. Don’t just write anything however, you’ll want to make a lot of different elements work for you within this world. Starting a blog that is going to pay off dividends in terms of SEO is easy, especially if you turn the domains that you set up into “web 2.0” links. That means that you set up a keyword based domain name and you publish several articles that point towards your site with relative ease. This type of SEO is something well worth exploring and will definitely help you build on a lot of different elements of optimization. Your blog can have sub-pages and URL elements that are going to bridge the gap between traffic and authority in an easy manner.

Become A Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger

One of the best ways that you start to build an audience is through guest blogging. You’ll have to write content, befriend others and find a way to publish on other sites. Done right, you’re going to get to voice your opinion amidst other bloggers and audiences that are not necessarily within your network. That’s a good thing, especially if your one post can drive a lot of traffic to your page and your content. The key here is to have content ready to go just in case someone agrees to let you post your blog update on their site straightway. The way to do this is to just befriend other bloggers and then eventually ask to post or to pay for your placement. Some bloggers will allow you to post whatever you want on their site and get a guest spot that is going to give you leverage moving forward. It’s definitely something well worth exploring on a lot of levels and will definitely give you a definitive push forward in the world of internet marketing. The links generated here are not only earned, they are going to stay as long as the blog is up and running. A permanent fixture with content is better than a solo link, that’s for sure.

Post Videos

One of the best ways that you can start to earn links is through publishing videos on major sharing sites. If you post videos and you include a link to your site from the description, you will start to build credibility within that community that will help you leverage a lot of different areas online. You will want to make sure that your videos aren’t frivolous and have some weight overall. Doing so will help you gain the right elements and perhaps give you a sense of accomplishment. You may also get a nice amount of attention within video marketing to build your own network there. Having a network for your brand is a good thing, especially in the realm of SEO.

The aforementioned areas of earning links are a mixed bag. They are just some of the things that you can do right now to help you build on the marketing collateral necessary to succeed online today. Take your time and build good SEO campaigns in order to gain leverage.