Why You Should Write Guest Posts

In my view, guest posting is the best link building method for SEO. That is the main reason you should participate the guest posting.

Guest Posting

What is Guest Posting?

We can simply define guest posting as submitting your article to another blog. Before submitting your article you should care about few things.

What You Should Care Before Submit An Article?

1.Selecting a good blog for submit your article

   i.Does the blog allow guest posting?

Some blogs don’t allow guest posting for several reasons. So first check it. If allow guest posting, most times that will be shown in blog navigation bar. (Write for us or Guest posting)

   ii.Selected blog have high Page Rank (PR)

My recommendation is to select a blog with at least page rank 3 or higher. It is important for the quality of your backlink.

   iii.Selected blog should allow put two do follow backlinks

Most blogs allow you to put two do follow backlinks in “Author Signature” at bottom of the article. It’s enough, but again checks that is do follow. Because do follow backlinks are more valuable than no follow backlinks.

   iv.Check the Alexa Rank

Backlinks are important for SEO. But also you want some traffic via guest posting. So you should know selected blog have some good traffic. See Alexa rank of selected blog to know that. Alexa rank depends on few things. But main thing is traffic. Select a blog < 100000 (Alexa Rank)

   v.Selected blog content should be related to your blog content

This is also very important. If you are running “online games blog”, don’t select “technology blog”. ;-)

2.How to write guest post?

   i.Writing a high quality guest post

Few bloggers say that writing any guest post doesn’t matter because that is not your blog. This is totally wrong. Why? Think like this. You write a high quality unique article as quest post, after the reader who read your guest post defiantly comes to your blog because he/she likes your content. So he/she knows your blog also have good content. But if you write useless article sometimes it will be ignored by blog owner. If it is allowed, a reader who don’t like your content he/she never click your backlink

   ii.Read the terms and condition of the selected blog to create guest post

Every blog have their own terms and conditions for guest posting. Read it carefully and write a guest post like that, If not your post will be ignored.

It is good to write a guest post for every 8-12 posts by you in your blog.

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13 Responses to "Why You Should Write Guest Posts"

  1. Hi Ranuka,

    You have great points, writing just anything to get backlink is not good because it will beomerang on the long run, either the writer get bad press or there’s no CTR for his backlinks. One of the two will happens. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.
    Olawale Daniel recently posted..12 Must Have Android Apps: Free Android Apps for EveryoneMy Profile

  2. Dorothea says:

    I agree with you, guest posting is one of the most efficient link building methods. Unfortunately it is also one of the most time consuming. It’s difficult to find the time and the inspiration to write constantly interesting articles.

  3. Katherin says:

    Guest posting is a best method to get quality backlinks. Through this we can get contact with other bloggers. These are the basic things to consider before submit an article. Thanks for sharing this post.

  4. Awesome work. You have given proper information regarding the importance of writing guest posts and which blogs we should choose for writing blog posts.

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