25 Common Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you want to create a successful web site you should avoid web design mistakes. Even if you are a blogger, don’t miss this post because most of the mistakes given by this post related to blog also.
web design mistakes

1. No clear idea about you web site in the home page

When someone land to your blog, he/she should be able to find what the blog is about within few second by looking at the home page. So it should be very clean and clear.

2. Using tiny fonts or very large fonts

All your visitors like to read your content very quickly. So they don’t like tiny fonts or very large fonts and also it will kill your web professional look.

3. Bad font usage

This point is related to my second point. So don’t use fancy fonts like following picture.
fancy fonts

4. Too many advertisements

Some web masters view is that,

Too many advertisements=More money

No. This is totally wrong. If you add too many advertisements to your web site, you will lose your valuable readers because nobody lands your web to check your advertisements.

5. Auto-popups

Most people hate auto-popups on any blog (Specially auto-popups ads). Some bloggers add subscriptions box or Facebook like box as an auto-popup. Actually it is an unnecessary work because you may get few subscribes, but you lose more than that. The thing is because no one would subscribe your blog without reading the content.

6. No images

Your blog readers are humans, they’re not machines. So try to use images to happy your readers. Remember that some images say million words.

7. No paragraph

If you don’t use paragraph, it will be hard for your readers to read content.

8. Using colourful backgrounds

Professional web designers don’t recommend colourful backgrounds. Make your background plain or in light colours. But for creating some special web sites you have to use colourful backgrounds.

9. Same colour for links.

Normal text colour and link colour should be different. So it will help to your readers to find the links very easily.

10. Same colour for both visited and unvisited links

This is also a web design mistake. Visited link colour and unvisited link colour should be different. I’m also doing this mistake. But I will correct it very soon.

11. Unwanted registration

Always try to give your all services to your users without registration form. But if it is necessary, create a simple registration form.

12. Too long registration forms

Some registration forms are too long. Your readers don’t like that type forms. So include only the necessary things for registration forms.

13. Playing music on loading

Don’t do this. If you are running a web site like radio channel, it is not a big problem.
If you want to play music, let the user do it.

14. Using drop-down menu

If you can build your web site without drop-down menu don’t use it. Drop-down menus may hide some links to your readers.

15. Hard navigation bar

Always try to create a simple navigation bar.

16. Advertisements links and normal links are in same colour

You can make more money by doing this mistake. But you will lose your readers trust. If you want to make more money, first of all get the faith of readers.

17. Not using alt tag for images

Don’t forget that Google have an image search engine. So optimization of images for search engines is a important thing.

18. Using too many JavaScript

If you can do your work without JavaScript, so don’t use JavaScript.

Ex: You can do form validation in JavaScript. But it is good to validate a form using HTML5.

19. PDF files for online reading

Most people hate PDF file for online reading. So don’t do that.

20. Opening in a new tab

Opening inbound links in a new tab is not a good thing. (Every browser has a back button.)

21. Too many social sharing buttons

Don’t use too many social sharing buttons, use only popular social sharing buttons. If you use too many social sharing buttons you web site would be slow.

22. Complex look

Always try to create a simple interface like Google, Twitter, Facebook or Wikipedia.

23. No search box

Your readers may want to search something in your web site. So add a search box for your web site.

24. No about me page

After reading your articles, your readers may want to know about you, so add a about me page.

25. No contact form

After knowing about you, they may want to contact you, so add a contact form.

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21 Responses to "25 Common Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid"

  1. Mtanzania says:

    Wow, I like it, another mistake you should avoid is using more contrast background color and bad example is using full black background with white fonts, unless for gaming sites it can be understood
    Mtanzania recently posted..NOTES – LECTURE 16 – 18 QUASI LINEAR PDESMy Profile

  2. Ravi chopra says:

    what you wrote makes sense. But most internet marketers and unprofessional web programmers make same mistake.
    flash based websites that has no sitemap.xml brings no leads.
    Ravi chopra recently posted..Comment on Alexa Boosting Service by The Experiment of ReviewBag.com – ClicksBazaar.comMy Profile

  3. Koj T. Tajo says:

    Hello Ranuka Superb 14 lists how a sit can be designed. I am looking back at my sit now and the checklist thing. Hope I score good points according to your these brilliant tips.
    Koj T. Tajo recently posted..4 Smart Questions On Original Content [ Also Know How to Write]My Profile

  4. How to change daily theme favicon.
    Joseph Nirmal recently posted..Method of Study Well – Exams and General StudiesMy Profile

  5. sumit says:

    agree with u ,images help to attract readers to your blog .Blog design is a crucial factor in blogging.
    thanks for sharing such a nice article.
    sumit recently posted..How to take care of yourself during bloggingMy Profile

  6. Pavan says:

    Hey Ranuka,

    You have covered almost all the aspects and I think I have managed to satisfy all the 25 options but still I have a worrying bounce rate but anyways nice post yaar.

    Keep up the good work.

    Pavan Kumar.
    Pavan recently posted..How to Enable Missing 3D View Inspect Element in Firefox ?My Profile

    • Ranuka says:

      Thanks Pavan. I am also not happy with my bounce rate. But I will try to reduce it. I think you can also reduce bounce rate. Good luck.

      • Rohit kabdwal says:

        It seems Ranuka you are not quiet satisfied with your bounce rate.., for getting good bounce rate you must have the good interlinking of your other article in the content, you can use free plugins for the same, this will surely reduce your bounce rate.
        also i can hardly see your related Article widget at the end, you can use plugin named nrelate for viewing your related articles.
        by the way nice article :)
        Rohit kabdwal recently posted..How to Install Java in your Computer?My Profile

        • Ranuka says:

          Thanks for the suggestions Rohit. My bounce rate isn’t bad. But I want to reduce it. And I hope to use nrelate plugin to display related posts. Thanks bro.

  7. Raja Naeem says:

    Totally agree with you Ranuka and I personally think that blog design should be neat and clean so that users can easily find what they want. I just remove the top Nav bar in my blog and replace them with images that represent the categories so that users will find them easily.
    Raja Naeem recently posted..Eset NOD32 Antivirus 5 and Mobile Security free for 90 daysMy Profile

  8. Mahaveer says:

    Perfect points Ranuka :) The worst thing is using a pop-up, according to me. It is like jumping from a high cliff yourself.

    The design of a site/blog should be kept minimal and easy to read and navigate. The more simple and easy it is, more the visitors will stay. No doubt, even colorful sites are good, but only if they are designed with the right colors so that they are easy to read. Like it would never be a nice idea to use blue text on black background!

    All the 25 points are worth remembering.
    Mahaveer recently posted..Blog Commenting Safely Even After PenguinMy Profile

    • Ranuka says:

      “The design of a site/blog should be kept minimal and easy to read and navigate.”

      Nice Mahaveer. The important thing is this, because readers land our blog for read content.


  9. Shalu Sharma says:

    Good points of all the most common design mistakes. Sometimes we make mistakes and most of the time are not even aware of it. I would also avoid having too many advertising on a page, not only it does not look nice but also makes the readers go away.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Try the delicious motichoor ladooMy Profile

  10. Vipin Pandey says:

    Yes these are the big mistakes, readers doesn’t like this type of blog or website. Ads should be placed correctly so your users can distinguish ads and content.

    Vipin Pandey recently posted..Top 5 programming forums to ask programming related questionsMy Profile

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