6 Ways to Promote Your New Blog Post

Do you want to know about, how to promote your new blog posts? So, you came to the right place. ;-)

Even if you write a quality post, no one will see it unless you promote it. But if you have more subscribers, there is no big problem because your subscribers will see your new posts. How ever, every blogger love to get more traffic. That’s why you read this post. ;-)

Promote Your New Blog Post

How to promote your new blog posts?

There are many ways to promote your new posts.

1. Sharing on social networking sites

Social networking sites are becoming popular day by day. So you can’t forget social networks. You can create a Facebook fan page and a Twitter profile for your blog. Then you can promote your new posts via those pages. And also you can promote your new posts via your personal Facebook account and Twitter account. You can also share your new posts on other social networking sites such as Google plus or LinkedIn.

2. Bookmarking on social bookmarking sites

Most bloggers say that Digg is the most popular social bookmarking site. That may be correct. But for me, Stumbleupon is the best social bookmarking site to promote your new posts. And also you can use Reddit and Delicious.

3. Commenting on CommentLuv enables blogs

CommentLuv is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. It allows the latest blog post of the commenter to be put automatically below his/her comment. Try to be the first commenter, and also put valuable comments. You can get many benefits like building relationships with the other bloggers, in addition to promoting the blog through blog commenting.

4. Forum posting

In a previous post of mine, I shared top 10 forums you should know as a blogger. If you use those forums correctly you can get decent traffic via those forums. But don’t start a new thread about your new post with the new post link. If you do that thing always, you will be banned from those forums (Spam reasons). Anyway, you can use your new post link as your forum signature.

If you have time you can do this this type of work also.

For an example, if you write a post about link building methods you can start a thread about link building. But never put your link in to that thread, you can put your link as your signature.

Forums members who visit to your thread, want to know about link building. So, that’s why they check your thread. Then they see your signature. After that they will click your signature and will land your blog.

5. Guest posting

I know that it is not possible to write guest posts after write every post because writing a guest post takes too much time. But after writing a high quality post, it is good to write a guest post. The reader who lands your post via that post, will check your most recent post. Even if most recent post is high quality there is a high probability of subscribing your blog.

6. Adding social sharing buttons

If you posts are quality, your reader may like to share it with their friends. So your social sharing buttons help to readers to do that. If your blogging platform is WordPress you can use a WordPress plugins like ShareThis or Digg Digg for adding social sharing buttons.

How do you promote your new posts? You can share it as a comment.

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49 Responses to "6 Ways to Promote Your New Blog Post"

  1. Prakash says:

    These 6 ways are enough for promoting our blog posts. Mainly I prefer social networking sites for this purpose. Blog commenting and guest posting are also preferable. Thanks for sharing this post.
    Prakash recently posted..Retry for PC, Retry for MAC, Retry for Windows 7/8/8.1 DownloadMy Profile

  2. Sagar Desai says:

    Hey Ranuka,

    Nice tip bro. Commenting is great weapon to attract relevant traffic. Especially commentluv enabled blogs help more in this case. Although others are also great wat to promote the contents.

    Sagar Desai recently posted..5 Best WordPress Plugins A Web Designer Should Not MissMy Profile

  3. Well informative article about promoting blog post. Guest posting is so beneficial these days, Enhance your Social network visibility and social sharing will increase automatically. Blog Commenting on High PR Blogs is also effective to get PR raised. Thanks for sharing article. keep it up.
    Tejwinder Singh recently posted..Top 5 Most Aticipated Games For Xbox One So FarMy Profile

  4. yogesh says:

    Blog commenting is a most important for blogger. we can boost Pr and traffic with that. Nice tips bro..
    yogesh recently posted..Wp Plugins To Speed Your BlogMy Profile

  5. mansi kaul says:

    Hello Dear

    nice post and really i am totally agree with your post these are amazing post, and share your post on social media site and most important think is communicate with your reader in fact your all points are great so thanks for sharing me

  6. Social bookmarking and social networking sites are really helpful to get blog rule on search engines
    tressa knight recently posted..Dog BreedMy Profile

  7. Amal Rafeeq says:

    Well put Ranuka. Effective ways to build link popularity just after writing articles.
    Thanks a lot for sharing :)
    Amal Rafeeq recently posted..Best Ways To Write Killer Blog Posts UltimatelyMy Profile

  8. Ayumu says:

    Well I used to link via twitter to @refzip, but it’s not working anymore, guess back to Twitter and facebook.
    I used Blogspot too for blogging, because I already used it since my first blogging.

    Thank you for sharing :)
    Ayumu recently posted..Anime Review : AMNESIAMy Profile

  9. Sai Kumar says:

    Hi Ranuka, Great ways to promote our blog. I mostly share on Facebook, Twitter and other social communities after publishing a new blog post. Thanks for Sharing :)
    Sai Kumar recently posted..6 Tips to Choose the Right Domain NameMy Profile

  10. Amol @ ConnectAmol says:

    According to me guest posting and regular commenting are the best hobby to promote your blog. Thanks for sharing such valuable information.

  11. Social sharing works wonders! If your feed is on the list of people with many followers and/or fans – it’ll just be much more better!

    PS – Check out my giveaway! Cheers
    Raaj Trambadia recently posted..(Giveaway) – Thirsty Affiliates PremiumMy Profile

  12. Enstine Muki says:

    Hey bro,
    Great tips. These points all work and produce great results. Commenting and guest posting are great ways.

    I’m not into social bookmarking yet but hope to get there so soon

    thanks for sharing bro
    Enstine Muki recently posted..I’m sick and tired!My Profile

  13. Nelieta says:

    Great tips and thank you for sharing. From personal experience I want to add that I find Reddit very helpful. Stumbleupon blocks your account if you continiously stumble your own posts. I also tried to install CommentLuv on my blog but found it didn[t want to work with Jetpack. It installed but people couldn[t comment. When I deactivated Jetpack it worked. I would love to use CoomentLuv!
    Nelieta recently posted..Peter the Great`s Wooden CabinMy Profile

  14. Ehsan Ullah says:

    Hey Raplus, Those are really great ways to promote a post after writing. I must say that your blog is looking awesome now with Daily Theme, but you need to make little customization :)
    Ehsan Ullah recently posted..Starting a Blog 101, My First Ever eBook LaunchMy Profile

  15. Mr.Chau243 says:

    Thanks for sharing Ranuka, I applied all these methods and get good traffics.
    Mr.Chau243 recently posted..3 điểm khởi đầu cho một chiến dịch Link MarketingMy Profile

  16. Ther real timps on this post are tip 4 and 5 with tip 5″Guest blogging”the best method to promote new post,forum posting is next.But like i read in one of the post on this blog”5 Things You Should Care before Comment in other Blogs” it takes time to make a guest post or forum post.however,i think you should spend your time for the best things to get the best results.I have a plan to make guest post for the whole of this week,and the next week will be a different method probably using forums or mini web 2.0 sites.
    Iteire Apollos recently posted..10 Basic WordPress Plugin For Maximum PerfomanceMy Profile

  17. Saurabh Rai says:

    the social sharing of your blog posts are giving a positive backup… although I follow 5 of the above ways. But this post forced me to adopt the last one to.. Thanks for sharing buddy.. :)
    Saurabh Rai recently posted..Coffee Cafe Shop & Restaurant WordPress ThemesMy Profile

  18. Shalu Sharma says:

    Some good ways to share your new blog post. First things first always send to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin for your friends to like. You should bookmark it on major sites. Pinterest is a good one if you have a unique then it can do well over there. Thanks for sharing these tips.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Types of ghosts and haunted places in IndiaMy Profile

  19. Travis says:

    I really like commentluv as a plugin. I think it encourages commenting like no other plugin. Would love to get more social shares, too, but that comes with time and trust.
    Travis recently posted..Making Money With Kindle E-books – 5 Things To ConsiderMy Profile

  20. Nirmala says:

    Good ways to promote the new blogs. I agree with you, but am having little knowledge about social bookmarking sites. How it would help to drive traffic??? If possible, please add a good list of such sites for newbie bloggers. Anyway, thanks for sharing the ways and keep writing.
    Nirmala recently posted..Simple Hair Care Tips For Rainy and Winter SeasonMy Profile

  21. Sam says:

    Hi, nice tips to promote new blog posts. But I personally think guest posting, comment via comment luv and social sharing are most effective including bookmarking. Mainly,these three promotional tactics really works for me and I think by building these strategies together would be great to grab the attention of visitors.

  22. Aditi says:

    Great job done Ranuka!! Well I think that you have highlighted the best possible tips possible. I believe that social networking and blog commenting are the best possible ways to promote your blog. Even forum posting as you have suggested is also great. Thanks for the share!!

  23. Kabenlah says:

    Forum posting is something I;m actually missing out with my online promotion. I guess its now time for me to really take that aspect of promotion really serious.

  24. Arslanh says:

    Awesome points! All of these tips really do help in promoting a newly published post. Bookmarking is one good method to get indexed by search engines with in minutes!
    Arslanh recently posted..Save time by quickly selecting files in windowsMy Profile

  25. Sadhil Kumar says:

    Guest posting is something i love doing, and you are right there. It brings a lot of traffic through referrals apart from providing backlinks to the blog.
    And as far as sharing on forums is concerned, i still need to register in some high PR quality forums.
    Thanks for the post.
    Sadhil Kumar recently posted..Smart Blog Commenting Secrets Revealed: 9 + 1 Best Ways to Make an ImpressionMy Profile

  26. David Hobson says:

    Great tips, the only one i dont use at the moment is guest blogging but i plan on doing do n the future.
    David Hobson recently posted..Google Author Rank – Rankings Based on Your ReputationMy Profile

  27. Mahaveer says:

    Nice tips. Sharing is the key to promoting. And for me also Stumbleupon works better than Digg. And I have seen that placing a sharing button below the posts; like you have at your blog; works very nice. It makes more and more people share and so we get more traffic in return.
    Mahaveer recently posted..Google PR Update Nov 2012 – Blogging Panorama is Now PR2My Profile

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