Are Alexa and PageRank Important for Bloggers

Most bloggers know what Alexa and PageRank are. But they have two different opinions.

1. Some bloggers option is Alexa and PageRank are important.
2. Some bloggers option is Alexa and PageRank aren’t important, but the important thing is only traffic.

Are Alexa and PageRank important?

This is a good question!!!
Are Alexa and PageRank important? In my view, it depends on few things.

alexa and pagerank

Do you want to direct advertisements?

If you want to sell ad space directly, you should think about Alexa and PageRank because, the one who gives you the advertisements would ask you about your Alexa and PageRank at first.

Do you want more guest posts?

If you are too busy you may have to accept guest posts. But if you don’t have good Alexa and PageRank, it is hard to get guest posts.

If you have a good Alexa and PageRank (Specially PageRank) you would have many guest posts request. So you can accept the quality posts from them. But if you don’t have good Alexa and PageRank, you won’t get this chance.

Do you want to increase blog subscribes?

When you go to buy hosting, why do you select a popular hosting company? Because, you think that if hosting company is popular, their service will be good.

It is same as this too. If you have a good Alexa and PageRank your readers would know that your content is quality and they will never spam you. So they don’t think twice for subscribe your blog. ( But if Alexa and PageRank is good, you can’t always decide that the content is quality or they never spam you. But most of the time you can trust that web.)

Do you want to get more backlinks?

Most bloggers write posts such as top blogging blogs, high PR guest post accept blogs, etc. If you want to add your blog in to that posts, your Alexa and PageRank should be good.

But remember that; in the beginning of blogging don’t think about Alexa and PageRank. Most important thing is creating a quality content and building an audience. After creating a quality content, you will get a good Alexa and PageRank. If it doesn’t happen you can do few special things to get it. So in the beginning don’t think about Alexa and PageRank.

So, what do you think? You can share your opinion as a comment. ;-)

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29 Responses to "Are Alexa and PageRank Important for Bloggers"

  1. Hi Ranuka,

    I appreciate your valuable content, which I came across when I saw you post a comment on allbloggingtips site. You know, I just started my blog just about a month ago and my PR is 2/10 and Alexa is 446k, so I assume I’m doing well, right? I would love your opinion….

    I work hard everyday on my blog with valuable content for my business, which I I help others start an online business with zero investment, then work there way in a 100% commission online business. I believe I’ve moved up so quickly due to great quality content (Again I work very hard on delivering value!) such as you do on this site!

    Anyway, just wanted to reach out and say hey to ya! I appreciate your site and the value you apparently put into it, thank you for that. I have to say blogging is my ‘true love’….Love and Peace :)
    Maria Galloway recently posted..CAN YOU RUN YOUR BUSINESS FROM YOUR PHONE?My Profile

  2. Shiv Saroya says:

    I think alexa rank not indicate about how much traffic your website have, but its very important for a website internet reputation, good rank means good website, and this is really help for increase your direct customer. so alexa rank is very important for every bloggers.

  3. I don’t think Alexa rank is important at all, it’s not that accurate. Page rank is just another metric for checking popularity, but I have seen great popular blogs with low page rank,and horrible blogs with high pagerank. Again, I don’t think either are that important.

    The most important thing (in my opinion) is that you get quality traffic that leads to sales. Not a number.
    James McAllister recently posted..Why You Should Focus On Organic TrafficMy Profile

  4. ebimablog says:

    Alexa ran to me means not much,especially considering the fact than many bloggers do all things within their reach to manipulate and improve on it.Though have never persuaded any to help improve alexa rank,but iyts stl relevant ,but not as relevant as PR
    ebimablog recently posted..Comment on TECNO N3:Affordable And Must Have Andriod Phone For All Africans by Ige OrhionkpaibimaMy Profile

  5. Anis Ahmed says:

    It is actually depended on the bloggers view to monetize on the blog what Ti Roberts said at previous comment. On the other hand, Page rank also can’t be denied. Because It is important to show a website how much important it to Google.
    Anis Ahmed recently posted..4 Steps to Write an Awesome Article!My Profile

  6. Ti Roberts says:

    I really think it depends on what you plan to use your website/blog for and how you plan to monetize it. I personally don’t think that Alexa or PR is important. What matters to me is that you get a good amount of ever increasing traffic and focus on building a community around your blog. Having a strong community is what’s going to sustain the life of your blog in the long-term. Thanks for sharing such great content with our bizsugar community.

    Ti Roberts recently posted..[VIDEO] The Rebel’s Traffic Talk Episode #1 – A Content Triple Threat ;)My Profile

  7. PR and Alexa ranking is important to get direct advertisements and specially if you are trying to write paid reviews in your site. But as usual there is no clear idea how alexa ranks the site exactly, because there is a myth that besides traffic alexa also considers other factors which they do not disclose.
    Taswir Haider recently posted..15 Ways to Make Money Online with Your WebsiteMy Profile

  8. Yeremi Akpan says:

    Alexa and pagerank are important if you hope to make money from your blog through direct sales of ads.

    Some ad networks set minimum Alexa rank before you can have access to their platform. So it does pay to get your Alexa as low as possible.
    Yeremi Akpan recently posted..Starting a New Blog? It’s Time to Blog Outside Of the Box!My Profile

  9. Both Alexa Rank and PageRank are important if you want to sell direct advertising.

    Just think for instance to Text Links Ads, they will pay you according to your PageRank AND to your level of Alexa rank.
    Erik Emanuelli recently posted..25 Basic Traffic Tips for New Blogs ( that YOU Should Check )My Profile

  10. George says:

    I noticed that you did a theme change. I am of the same opinion when it comes to alexa
    George recently posted..Best black friday and cyber monday deals 2012My Profile

  11. Mahaveer says:

    Alexa and PR are just some grades for a blog’s reputation but I think both of them are very inaccurate. Still they have their important because people have an old mentality that favors high PR and nice Alexa ranked blogs.

    According to me, no blogger should focus specially on these two things. Let the natural results come, whatever it be. If a blog has good content and good readership, it would surely and naturally get good Alexa and Page Ranks. No need to focus specially on methods to improve them.
    Mahaveer recently posted..Why Millions Of People Start And Quit BloggingMy Profile

  12. David Hobson says:

    Im not a big fan of page-rank and dont believe its important at all, as for Alexa rank that too inst important to me.
    David Hobson recently posted..WordPress Armor Review – Amazing Wso Protect Your Blog From ThreatsMy Profile

  13. Vineet Saxena says:

    HI Ranuka,
    If you are planning to sell advertisements on your blog, then definitely alexa traffic rank is going to matter. If you want to increase the guest posts frequency on your blog, then you will need a blog which has a PR of atleast 2 or 3. But as a blogger, keeping these things apart, you only need to focus on generating quality content and make as much a big network of readers as possible.
    Vineet Saxena recently posted..Generate Business leads from your LinkedIn profileMy Profile

  14. Ehsan Ullah says:

    This is true that most of the advertisers checks the alexa rank and PR of a website before buying advertisement space, but I don’t think Alexa rank is that important.

    Ehsan Ullah recently posted..Why Do You Write?My Profile

  15. Shalu Sharma says:

    These 2 parameters are only important for advertising. Many advertisers are looking for high page rank and high alexa rank sites but to the normal reader it does not matter at all. But most importantly its all about producing quality content.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Interview with Elle, the Solo Female NomadMy Profile

  16. Alexa doesn’t matter that much, but still consider by Some advertisers and PR is still worthy, Good PR means Good blog Reputation.
    Nishant Srivastava recently posted..Gems of Indian Blogging : Pradeep Kumar’s InterviewMy Profile

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