15 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Would you like to know about 15 ways to drive traffic to your blog? I know your answer is “Yes” that’s why you have to read this post.

ways to drive traffic

1. Selecting WordPress as your blogging platform

Blogger and WordPress are the two main popular blogging platforms. If you expect to be a professional blogger you should select WordPress as the blogging platform because you can get many benefits choosing WordPress than Blogger.

One of the main reasons for choosing WordPress is, it has so many plugins that help to drive traffic to your blog.

Ex : Yoast, All in One SEO, Google XML Sitemaps.

2. Never forget SEO

As a blogger, you shouldn’t forget SEO because every popular blog has at least 50% traffic via search engines.

So always pay attention about on page optimization when you write a post and don’t forget about off page optimization.

3. Writing guest posts

We can simply define guest posting as submitting articles to another blog. Guest posting really helps to build quality backlinks as well as drive more traffic to your blog.

4. Simple blog design

Your blog design also helps to drive traffic to your blog. If your blog has very complex appearance, your readers are unable to find content very easily. So design your blog interface very simply.

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5. Forum posting

Few weeks back, I shared top 10 forums you should know as a blogger. Those forums let you to put about 1-4 links as the signature. So if you are an active member on those forums, you can get a decent traffic from them.

6. Blog commenting

Specially, if you are a new blogger never ignore blog commenting because blog commenting is important more than you think about it. But always writes only valuable comments and never write spam comments or useless comments.

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7. Maintaining quality of posts

When a readers land your blog as a new reader, you should able to convert the reader as a regular reader. Your blog should have a quality content to do that.

It is important to mention here if you don’t have quality content there is no point in promoting your blog.

8. Using social medias

Billions of internet users use social medias daily. So if you forget social medias, it is a big mistake that you do. At least use Facebook and Twitter to promote your blog. If you don’t have Facebook fan page and Twitter page, create them quickly.

9. Give something free to your readers

You can create your own product like an eBook or a WordPress theme. Then distribute it free of charge. Although you give it free of charge it won’t loss for you because your blog traffic will be increased via that product. So it is also a good way to drive traffic to your blog.

10. Reducing blog loading time

Both readers and search engines prefer speed blogs. So if your blog takes too much time to load, that means you are going to lose more traffic.

5 tips to reduce blog loading time

1. Install a cash plugin like W3 Total Cache.
2. Delete unwanted plugins.
3. Reduce using JavaScripts.
4. Buy hosting from well-known company like Hostgator.
5. Don’t include too much images and use a tool to reduce image size.

11. Using Social bookmarking sites

There are so many social bookmarking sites on the internet now. Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit are the most popular social bookmarking sites. I suggest you to use at least Stumbleupon to promote your blog.

12. Creating a forum for your blog

Now there are many open source and commercial forum scripts on the internet. So although you don’t have programming knowledge, you can create a forum very easily. Then you can build a huge community around the forum.

13. Building relationships with other bloggers

Building relationships with other bloggers is also a way to drive traffic to your blog. Specially, Building relationships with other bloggers help to get more social shares and get backlinks from their blogs.

14. Submitting your blog to web directories

Dmoz is the best web directory. You must try to add your blog in to it. And you can find many web directories by single Google search.

15. Advertising

I can mention that Google Adwords and Facebook ads are the best ways to advertise your blog. Specially, if you give a service or sell your own product via your blog, advertising may be the best way to drive traffic to your blog.

Now you know 15 ways to drive traffic to your blog. Now you can share what methods you use to increase blog traffic as a comment.

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42 Responses to "15 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog"

  1. Social media is really a helpful platform ,Getting traffic from diversified resource in white hat/real ways are too much helpful to push content on upper side
    jennifer davis recently posted..Oakdale (NE) Ltd. Quality & ExperienceMy Profile

  2. Dorothy says:

    Email marketing is also a great addition to increasing traffic to your blog. It’s a great way to connect with each reader because you are sending out content to them directly to their inboxes. What makes it much more advantageous than social media, etc is that you are able to segment your contact list into different groups (newbie subscribers, long time followers) so that you can create different email campaigns for each one.

    For example, for the newbies, you can send out a Welcome email and a short bio of yourself and how you blogs can help them. And for the long time followers, you can do a fun giveaway or contest as a thank you for following. The effect here is that you are doing target marketing, so that each group’s interest/needs will be met all through one email marketing software.

    And if you are using WordPress, Benchmark Email has a great plugin, called Benchmark Email Lite, that combines the benefits of email marketing in conjunction with your blogging regime. You add a sign up box for email subscribers, send out email-friendly versions of your blogs, and also track down analytics to see where and when you are receiving new clicks on your page.

    All in all, garnering traffic to your blog means that you must be proactive in reaching out to each reader, and email marketing will make it easy for you, and fun to read for them!

    Dorothy Le

  3. Riya Khurana says:

    such a great article to read…
    and yes very rightly said that….without SEO,you blog will be nothing to Google,no indexing.no money..
    so keep doing SEO part…
    Riya Khurana recently posted..5 ways to Lose Weight:”Must Read Article”My Profile

  4. Kharim Tomlinson says:

    This is a wonderful post for all those who want to increase their blog traffic. Guest posting, blog commenting, advertising, SEO and the list goes on are things which should be practiced if you want to become successful bloggers.

    Thanks for the article pal.
    Kharim Tomlinson recently posted..16 Horrible Mistakes I Made While BloggingMy Profile

  5. Shiv Saroya says:

    Hi ranuka, Blogging is the key to driving new traffic to your website and new leads into your business. With every blog post, you’re essentially creating a new point-of-entry into your website. But in order to really get great results with blogging, you’ve got to become an aggressive blog post promoter. thanks for this helpful and informative article.

  6. Sourav says:

    Well, I’m a “culprit” at he very first point, because I have got a Blogger blog. Yes it’s true that WordPress blogs tends to get much more comments because of their much simple and elegant commenting system.
    What I do most is to comment on otehr blogs, so that I can get to know more bloggers each day. This not only brings some traffic to my blog, but also I get to read and learn so many things.
    About social media, I’m not getting much success with that thing, I need to work harder.
    Sourav recently posted..How to Add Pinterest Pin It Image Hover Button On BloggerMy Profile

  7. Yogesh says:

    Submitting guest posts, submitting blog to directories and publishing unique content are the keys for increasing traffic on your blog. You have shared great content with us. THanks
    Yogesh recently posted..Internet Marketing – a smart way to make money onlineMy Profile

  8. pieter says:

    appreciate your points you have mention some of the best points to get real organic traffic towards blog
    pieter recently posted..Dog BreedMy Profile

  9. Dhaval says:

    Right now I am focussing on guest posts.. I have already implemented some of your points given I n this post thanks for it ! There are few points on which I have never given heed I would look Ito that :)
    Dhaval recently posted..Turn the Business Angle to 365° by Using Office 365My Profile

  10. Dita says:

    Hi Ranuka,

    Great tips for traffic generation. I also found that joining Facebook groups helps a lot too. When you build a relationships in the Facebook groups and then submit there posts that are of value to the members of the group the readership really goes up.

    The posts must not be promotional posts. That can get one kicked out of the group, which is fair.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Dita recently posted..10 Examples Of Premium And Free Responsive WordPress ThemesMy Profile

  11. Kimsea says:

    Thanks for sharing! I love the tips. The above list were the detail for driving up blog traffic.
    Kimsea recently posted..Social Media Strategy for Increase Traffic Flow InMy Profile

  12. Anderson says:

    These tips are really great, forums have been contributing good amount of traffic to me and i have used eBook for list building and it has also served its purpose. Looks like a great program. Thanks for sharing this!!

  13. Dick says:

    Thank you very much for the great work. I am using wordpress. Most of web directory need to link back to them, I have difficulties to place their link.
    Dick recently posted..Cara Merawat Mata Solder (Soldering Tip) agar lebih awetMy Profile

  14. Dinaviriya says:

    Thanks for the sharing of the method to driving traffic. The difficult is the loading page.i have trying a lot of method, but still can not improve it.
    Dinaviriya recently posted..Asal Usul Marga TionghoaMy Profile

  15. Hi Ranuka,

    You have cover almost all possible ways to get traffic in your article. My suggestion is make it a series and in your next article pick one source and describe that in details……… people will definitely like it.
    Sandeep Kumar recently posted..Diversify your web traffic otherwise you will loose traffic customer and moneyMy Profile

  16. Sai Kumar says:

    Hi Ranuka, Great Ways to drive traffic to our blog. I almost use all the above mentioned ways to drive traffic. The above tips helps a lot to a newbie blogger. Thanks for Sharing!
    Sai Kumar recently posted..40+ Useful Time Saving WordPress ShortcutsMy Profile

  17. Good one. After recent Google changes, cocial media marketing is considered a powerful way to drive visitors to a site. I am getting a good number of visitors per day from Linkedin groups alone! FB marketing doesn’t seem to be effective that much, but Twitter is another powerful source of traffic for any blog.
    Taswir Haider recently posted..Top 5 Ways to Make Money Blogging for Every BloggerMy Profile

  18. 15 really very good ways for driving traffic…I must say that you must have worked very hard in remembering all such good ways and writing them down in a single post……Will look forward to see some more good posts regarding getting traffic on your blog…..
    Techboy Rocky@Mobile Reviews recently posted..Best 4 Antivirus for Android smartphonesMy Profile

  19. Lahaul Seth says:

    I think facebook ads are quite effective nowadays. It simply increases exposure of your facebook page and that too for a minimal amount. One of my blogger friend spent $5 on facebook promotion and got over 100 likes within a week.
    Thank you for commenting on my blog. i have also launched a new wordpress blog about couple of days of back. Do check it out.
    Lahaul Seth recently posted..Media.net Ads : Why I stopped using them ?My Profile

  20. Ferb says:

    Hi Ranuka, Love these ways to drive traffic to blog, I only used some of these ways to get traffic and really haven’t learned any other ways to drive traffic. Thanks for your tips and Keep your great work up.

    And Guest Posting is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic, need to do this more.

    Thanks – Ferb
    Ferb recently posted..7 Ways to Get Twitter Followers on PurposeMy Profile

  21. Chadrack says:

    I agree with your points here but I’ve always had problems with forum postings. Can you really drive traffic from forums? I’ve read many blogs advocating this but my experience can not really endorse this strategy. Nevertheless I will check out the forums you recommend. Thanks for sharing.
    Chadrack recently posted..FREE Web Hosting Giveaway: Announcing the Winners!My Profile

  22. sumit says:

    Great post Ranuka,agree with u a simple blog design really matters.Blog design attract readers towards your blog .It is one of the best way to grab reader’s attention .thanks for sharing such a nice article.

  23. Thank you Ranuka for the awesome list of forums. I used to enjoy forums much. It was a great method of interaction and find solution to most of the problems. Don’t know if forums are still equally popular. It might be because I enjoyed blog posts, I couldn’t be much active in forums. I guess I need to return to forums again.
    Suresh Khanal recently posted..Why Should You Care Quality in Outbound Links?My Profile

    • Ranuka says:

      Hey Suresh,

      Yeah. Don’t forget forums. Forums are important to drive traffic as well as make money(Affiliate marketing). :-)

      Thanks for the comment.

  24. Nirmala says:

    Nice post in simple words. Am a blogger and am doing the above mentioned ways to drive genuine traffic to my blogs. Yes, active participation in social media sites n forums, blog commenting n writing quality guest posts for same niche and submitting blog to good PR web directories would help to get more visitors. Thanks for sharing the information, keep writing for newbies.
    Nirmala recently posted..Essential oils and its beauty benefitsMy Profile

    • Shahzad says:

      @Nirmala, but you are still on Blogger!!

      No problem anyway!!

      @Ranuka, I have heard about Dmoz but still have no idea about it. So thanks for that specific information and will check it out just after hitting the submit comment button here :)

      And about adwords, I am testing and learning it now for promoting my service (Free Blogger to WordPress Migration). Will publish about the results on my blog in future.
      Shahzad recently posted..Why It is IMPOSSIBLE to Make Big Money From Your First BlogMy Profile

    • Ranuka says:

      Thanks for the reading my post. Actually using social media is the best way to drive traffic. :-) As well as writing guest posts and blog commenting also good ways to drive traffic to your blog.

  25. Hey Ranuka, I do every thing you mentioned in the post. U think Social Media is the best way to generate traffic to our site.
    Istiak Rayhan recently posted..How to Fix “Comments are Closed” Problem in WordPressMy Profile

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