Blogger Interview #1 – Ehsan Ullah

I have a plan to publish interview series of bloggers. As the first interview I selected Ehsan Ullah because he is doing a great blog which helps to newbie bloggers to build a successful blog. I give special thanks to Ehsan Ullah for giving his valuable time for this interview.

Ehsan Ullah - GuideAndNews.COM

1. Please mention about you and your blog (main blog) for my readers

My name is Ehsan Ullah and I’m 18 years old blogger by passion running Guide to Blogging community of bloggers where I help bloggers build a successful blog.

It was April, 2011 when I proceeded to start up my first blog, a Healthy Geeky Life blog in health niche on Blogger platform. Sometime later after started making money from blogging and getting a lot of questions about blogging, I started a blog on Guide to Blogging community.

I truly love helping people and as blogging is my passion, I write about what I’ve learned along the way.

2. How did you enter the blogging world?

I first discovered about blogging to make money online in Janurary, 2011 and bought Darren’s 31DBBB (31 Days to Build a better blog) eBook and in April of the same year, I started my first ever blog in health niche.

3. How many blogs do you have now? How was your first blog? Was it successful?

I have started and sold many blogs, but right now I’m focusing on my main blog, Guide and News – Guide to Blogging

4. Are you a part time blogger or a full time blogger?

It’s difficult for me to answer this question because I do an offline work too and I’ve a busy schedule, but also spend most of my time in working on my blogs.

5. How much time do you spend on your blog weekly?

I spent 4 to 6 hours daily.

6. In your view, why do most bloggers fail?

A couple of months ago, I wrote a psychology post on why do bloggers fail, but in answer of your question I can say that the number one reason on why most bloggers fail is that they greed to earning money NOW while It needs a lot of time and hard work to be able to make money blogging.

7. What is the biggest blogging mistake you have done?

I’ve done a lot of mistakes in my blogging career, but the biggest one was not starting an email list from day one. Every blogger should start building an email list from day one because as you may have already heard that “money is in the list” and It is the most effective promotion strategy even If you don’t get traffic from search engines.

8. What methods do you use to make money from your blog?

I make most of my money from the products I’m selling, the affiliate sales. I promote the trusted and useful products and services on my blog in a way that encourages people to buy it.

9. What methods do you use to drive traffic to your blog?

Most bloggers think that after publishing a post, promoting it on Facebook, Twitter and few other social media websites is enough, but that does not makes any sense and sharing your content on your few and inactive social media accounts isn’t promotion and doing it daily is a WASTE OF TIME.

For me, the best promotion tactic and the method to drive lots of traffic to your blog is to convince other bloggers to link to your blog. The smart strategy get targeted traffic is to convince another blog that has readers to send readers your way.

10. Can you please give few blogging tips for my readers to build a better blog?

Sure, but not any secret or overnight success strategy. Just tried and tested advice ;)

• The first and most important step of being a successful blogger is to have a unique blog design. I’ve noticed that most of the bloggers these days are using a same theme without much customizing, so having a unique blog design is must.

• Don’t spent much time on writing content for your blog because when you run a blog that has a few readers, writing content on daily basis won’t help you get more readers. Do it if you can, but writing less and promoting more is better strategy.

• Unique writing skill plays a big role, so work hard to improve your writing skills and make your readers love your writing.

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28 Responses to "Blogger Interview #1 – Ehsan Ullah"

  1. Rahul Pahal says:

    I would like to thank you Ranuka for this interview post. I got charged up after reading this interview. It will help me to boost my interest in blogging.
    Rahul Pahal recently posted..Make it easier for Google to index your web pages more quicklyMy Profile

  2. Congr8s Ranuka for sharing Ehsan bro Interview.
    I know Ehsan since Mar-Apr – 2012. He is good friend of mine and really hard working blogger.
    You are rocking Ehsan bro….
    Sandeep Kumar recently posted..Google Unnatural Link Penalty Message-Webmaster paying for link removalMy Profile

  3. Ravi budhwar says:

    Nice Interview and also i am regular reader of Ehsan ullah blog and i like one thing most as most of the new bloggers try to make money from the day one and it is not possible at all and also this is the cause of the failure of the bloggers and i am agree with this point of ehsan.
    Ravi budhwar recently posted..Race 2 Advance Booking UpdateMy Profile

  4. Mohammad ismail says:

    Ehsan brother i am one of the newbies who visit our web daily and analyses the post reader comment and everything to learn and stabilize my own blog withe way you are doing,
    Really great work Ranuka
    And happy to see a young blogger for afghanistan
    Mohammad ismail recently posted..Basic Images Seo Ranking TipsMy Profile

  5. Chadrack says:

    Hi Ranuka,

    This is really a great way to help the blogoshere, getting someone who is doing a great work and then giving them a platform to share their ideas and tips with others. I must agree with Ehsan on those parting tips. From my experience I know they are just great and any one who follow them will cut many years of struggle in half.
    Chadrack recently posted..How Do You Really Customize A WordPress Blog Theme?My Profile

  6. Fabrizio says:

    Ranuka, this was a great interview and insight into Ehsan and his blogging ambitions. He’s a young blogger that has a lot of potential and definitely someone to look out for in 2013. All the best Ehsan and Ranuka.
    Fabrizio recently posted..New eBook for Bloggers: 10 Steps To Build A Better Email ListMy Profile

  7. Ehsan Ullah says:

    Thanks for the nice words and support guys. I’m really honored!
    Ehsan Ullah recently posted..Top 10 Quick Blogging Tips to Help You Succeed in 2013My Profile

  8. Enstine Muki says:

    Hey Ranuka,
    Good to hear Ehsan on your blog. One thing about him that’s great is that he’s helpful. As a young blogger, he helps other young bloggers. I read his blog often and I think it’s good for every starter.

    Kudos Ehsan
    Enstine Muki recently posted..3 Rock Solid Ways To Make Money Online!My Profile

  9. Shahzad says:

    Haha…that’s lovely photo of Ehsan. I told him to put it on Gravatar also.
    Really glad to hear Ehsan’s story. Nice to know how he drive traffic to his blog. Ehsan’s blog is the 10th biggest source of traffic for my blog. The traffic comes from comment section.

    I think I should have to spend more time on writing content for my own blog, it is against Ehsan’s theory. What I would suggest to newbies is to don’t try for daily updates but try 2-4 articles every week. I will also try to increase my productivity. Currently I am updating 1 post/week and I am not satisfied with it.

    Thanks Ranuka for the interview :)
    Shahzad recently posted..Why Doing Good is Best SEO Tip for 2013My Profile

    • Ranuka says:

      Yep. This photo is better than his current Gravatar photo. I think that he will use this photo as the Gravatar photo very recently. I agree both of you. :-)

      My suggestion is at first we should have to spend more time on writing for our own content. Then we should apply Ehsan’s theory.

  10. George says:

    I agree with that most of the social media work is useless, few people follow us and putting up our posts everyday is not going to bring traffic from the sky. Kudos
    George recently posted..Hostgator coupon january 2013–25 percent OFF discountMy Profile

  11. Ehsan is one of my Inspirer to start my blog and I just follow his Guide. I will read all his articles and implement it.

    His article on starting the wordpress blog is one of the best article which helped me lots while starting my blog. I would really thank him for writing such articles which will help a newbie like me.

    Thank You

  12. It is very informative interview for my according. I like @Ehsan. I am daily visitor his blog. I don’t like Ehsan blog but I love Ehsan blog. Because his blog very informative and useful for new blogger. Ehsan is my best friend on facebook.

    Thanks for this interview. I got some informative stuff in this post & thanks @Ehsan for tips

    Warm Regards
    Rahul Kashyap
    Rahul Kashyap recently posted..Freeloaders (2013)My Profile

  13. Abdul Rauf says:

    I’ve really got much inspirational conversation with Ehsan. Whenever I’d take blogging as serious work, I’d definitely prefer his pathways. He’d be and is my teacher for blogging.

  14. great,Ehsan is a great blogger and very helpful also.He help me many time,and more thing why you write raplus instaed of your name.
    Mohammad Hussain recently posted..Blogging:A Test Match Of your Life,Can you Win it!My Profile

    • Ranuka says:

      I also don’t know why I use Raplus, but some my friends use Raplus as the my name. However, I know that it is a blogging mistake. I will change it very recently. Thanks

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