Top 10 Benefits of Blogging

The main aim of most bloggers is to make money by their blogs very quickly, but after realizing it is a hard work they quit blogging. But if you understand all the benefits of blogging you will never quit blogging because you can get many things more than making money.

Benefits of  Blogging

1. As a hobby

Blogging is superb hobby when comparing other hobbies such as collecting stamps, playing online games because there are many benefits such as making money, learning new things you can gain form by doing a blog.

2. It makes money for you

There are so many ways to make money form blogging. Some successful bloggers make millions of dollars per year, but some bloggers don’t make even a dollar. So, making money is not an easy work. But if you work hard you can make money from your blog. So play a hard a game to make money.

3. It improves your English knowledge

If your mother tongue isn’t English, you have already followed many English courses, haven’t you? But sometimes so far your English knowledge might not good.

Start a blog. Your English knowledge also will be improved automatically.

4. You can make more friends

Without friends no one choose to live, though he had all other goods.

I don’t want to say about the importance of friends because you already know the value of friendship. Generally people have friends who are in their own area or country. But I know that as a blogger you have more friends all over the world. It is a really important thing, isn’t it?

5. It is fun

After publishing an article if,

• Your post has been read by more readers
• Your post has valuable comments
• Your post has many social shares

is it not a fun?

6. You can share your knowledge

Even there are many ways to share your knowledge; blogging is the best way to share your knowledge because you can share your knowledge all over the world within few seconds. But if you use a other method such as creating a book you can’t distribute your book all over the world.

7. You can learn many things

You can’t publish a quality post without a huge research because you have to write important and correct things. Doing a research means you are going to learn many new things. After creating this blog, I also have learned many things such as WordPress developing, HTML5 form validation, SEO tips, Blogging, etc.

8. You can become a writer

I mentioned that writing is the main part of blogging in writing mistakes you should avoid post. Writing by yourself is the main way to improve your writing skill. So you are doing a blog means you are going to be a great writer.

9. It improves your communication skill

Communication skill is a must thing you should improve even you are a blogger or not because you should have a good communication skill to do any job. Blogging also can be introduced as communication skill because you are doing a blog means you communicate something with your readers.

10. It helps to pass a interview

My last post is about a blogger interview with Ehsan. But I am not talking about a blogger interview in this post. I am going to talk about a job interview.

If you have a good blog, it will be really helpful for you to pass the interview and get a job.

How does it happen?

Think like this. Your aim is to be a PHP developer. That means you love PHP developing. So your blog niche would be PHP related blog. You share everything you know about PHP and PHP tutorials and PHP scripts you have created.

So your blog is proved about your PHP knowledge to the interview board. And your blog might be powerful than your certificates. So you have a huge chance to get a job.

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29 Responses to "Top 10 Benefits of Blogging"

  1. Mahaveer says:

    Great list Ranuka!

    I am continuing my blogging life because of mostly these reasons only. For me the most important ones are – Hobby, improving writing and speaking skills, and making new friend circles.

    I would like to add some more from my side – Blogging improves our management skills and gets us some fame :) :)
    Mahaveer recently posted..9 Tips to Choose The Best Domain NameMy Profile

  2. Amal Rafeeq says:

    Well put article. I do really agree and thumbs up for 1,3,8.
    Amal Rafeeq recently posted..Calling All Readers In : Help Me Win The Guest Blogging ContestMy Profile

  3. Nizam Khan says:

    Wow! Excellent post. Indeed blogging is beneficial in many good ways. I especially liked 2, 6 and 9. Thanks for sharing :)
    Nizam Khan recently posted..HostGator 35% OFF Coupon CodeMy Profile

  4. sid says:

    Unique and awesome post buddy. Blogging is becoming more popular day by day and the peer relationship amidst the niche is also growing like a charm. You will get most needed relationship from authority blogs, professional bloggers and Web experts through blogging. I will visit here again. Thanks Ranuka

  5. marilyn cada says:

    hi there ranuka. thanks for visiting to my blog. yep you can make money from blogging but this also requires being leader of the pact in order to earn money consistently

  6. Phil M says:

    Nice post ! for me the biggest benefit of blogging has been the knowledge that i have learned of stuff like social media and WordPress. Also the money is now starting to become more of a benefit as well :)
    Phil M recently posted..Complete List Of 50+ Commentluv Enabled DoFollow BlogsMy Profile

  7. Matt Hayden says:

    I would say it’s also a great way to get things off your chest, to “vent”. I think this is particularly true if you have a political blog, as I do. Sometimes you read about some decision by a politician or party that makes your blood boil. Blogging about it relieves that pressure a bit.

  8. awesome post ranu…

    i also get some beefit like have more friends earn.some money and the most important is i can share what i have to the people around the world :D

  9. sahil says:

    Nice article Ranuka,

    you have explained different aspect of blogging in this article
    sahil recently posted..Which blogging platform to select?My Profile

  10. khadeer says:

    Yes, we have to work hard for making money from blog, First we have to increase rank by creating quality content after that it can easy to make money from blog…

    Thanks for awesome post…

  11. Ehsan Ullah says:

    Woa great benefits Ranuka, I wrote a post on why do I blog a couple of months ago where I mentioned some of the top reasons and benefits of it.

    Being an Afghan citizen, learning and speaking English is quite hard, but blogging has REALLY helped my improve it.
    Ehsan Ullah recently posted..Comment Strategy: An Easy Guide to Redirecting First Time Commentators To a Thank You PageMy Profile

  12. Shorya Bist says:

    Hi Ranuka,

    Nice article and gives value to blogging.

    The points you have mentioned are reality there are lot many things which benefits us.But the thing is we as blogger should enjoy our work then we can learn lot many things and can share lots of things.

    I now got to know that i have learned not only money but alot more things that are helping in normal life also.

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest
    Shorya Bist recently posted..How to concentrate on studies?My Profile

  13. Blogging is Fun and I’m really addicted to it.
    Rudraksh Pathak recently posted..Why Do You Blog for? Money, Passion or Reputation [Discussion]My Profile

  14. Vaibhav says:

    I personally like the money one. Although its a hobby to me but making money through your hobby is a good thing.
    Vaibhav recently posted..A “Facewash” that cleans your Facebook account of the vulgarity!My Profile

  15. Ravi budhwar says:

    Very Nice Post Ranuka and like the points blog for fun and also it will increase you knowledge also and if we will follow it than ultimately we will start making money also.
    Ravi budhwar recently posted..Race 2 Advance Booking UpdateMy Profile

  16. Nirmala says:

    Yes, you are right. The blogger can get all the benefits if he/she is blogging not for money. Well explained n neatly explained post of blogging, thanks for sharing.
    Nirmala recently posted..Earn money online free through real waysMy Profile

  17. sumit says:

    very very nice post , blogging is a nice and intelligent way to make money online. It also create creative skills .thanks for sharing it .
    sumit recently posted..5 easy tactics to grab readers attention to a blogMy Profile

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