Top 10 Blogging Tips You Might not Heard Earlier

There are hundreds of blog posts about blogging tips. So it is very hard to write a unique blogging tips post. That’s why I took more than three months to write this post. I collected much information during that period. After reading this post you can know at least two or three blogging tips you might not heard earlier. So don’t miss a single word in this post.

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Top Blogging Tips

There are so many benefits you can gain by doing a blog. That’s why almost every blogger try to become a successful blogger.

1. Content isn’t the Only King

Content is the king. There is no doubt about that. But king can’t do anything without queen, soldiers and other things.

It is same as blogging. You can’t do anything with only king. As well as you can’t play this blogging game without king.

So quality content is very important. As well as following things are also very important.

2. Unique Blog Design

In 2013, blog design plays a major role in your blogging game.

1. Buy a premium WordPress theme.
2. Then hire a person to redesign it. If you have a good PHP knowledge you can do it yourself.

Try to design your blog as a unique blog.

If your blog design isn’t attractive new visitors might leave your blog without reading even a single post.

3. First Readers, Then Money

Many new bloggers try to make money from the first day itself they launched the blog. That is very common mistake new bloggers do.

You should give valuable things for your readers before making money.

Forget money. Create a valuable blog for readers. Then you can think about money.

4. Rarely Accept Guest Post

Many bloggers accept a lot of guest posts after getting high PR, they forget that guest posts can kill their blogs.

The thing you should know is, accept only high quality guest posts. Don’t forget that your blog should have your posts more than guest posts.

5. Blog Relationships

In my earlier stage of blog, I also thought that blog relationship isn’t important much. Now I know blog relationships is very important more than new bloggers care about it. It really helps to drive more traffic as well as make money. Not only that, but also you can get so many advantages by building blog relationships.

6. No Writing is Better Than Writing Low Quality Posts

Never write low quality posts. A low quality post can destroy almost your blog.

That’s why “no writing is better than writing low quality posts”.

Sometimes you are unable to update your blog because of some reasons such as your exams, high studies, etc.

If you don’t have enough time to write posts, don’t write. You can publish a post what you have written a little time back or you can invite your friends to write a guest post.

7. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is important more than you think about it especially if you are a new blogger. The beginning, blog commenting is the best way to start relationships with other bloggers as well as to drive a little traffic.

8. Maintain a Unique Writing Style

Writing is the main part of blogging. Always try to maintain a unique writing style. That means although you didn’t mention who is the author, your readers are able to identify the author after reading the post. That’s the unique writing style.

9. Both SEO and Social Media are Important

You can’t forget both SEO and Social Medias. Actually, it depends on the niche. That means, sometimes you have to use social Medias more than SEO. Sometimes you have to use SEO more than social Medias.

Ex 1: Social Media traffic is very powerful for blogging related niches ( That doesn’t mean SEO is dead).
Ex 2: You have to use a lot of SEO techniques if you are doing a technology blog.

10. Do Something Special

Always try to do something special. John Chow offered a free WordPress installation service a few years back. As I know, it was very successful. He made lots of money from it. So, do something new.

Update: 2 Bonus Blogging Tips

11. Don’t Write If You Haven’t Reached It

Always try to write about what you have reached.

Ex 1: There is no point in writing how to get Page Rank 3 within a few weeks if you don’t have even Page Rank 1.

Ex 2: There is no point in writing how to reduce your weight if you are very fat (Your loyal readers know who you are, by social Medias or about me page).

Ex 3: There is no point in writing how to make 1000$ per month if you can’t make even a dollar.

Ex 4: There is no point in writing how to increase comment count if you don’t have more comment.

How can your readers trust you if you write as mentioned above.

If you want to write how to make 1000$ per month, make 1000$ at first. Then, write how you made it and how your readers can make it.

12. Posting Frequency

As I mentioned earlier, no writing is better than low quality article.

But you should be able to update you blog frequency. Otherwise your readers may leave your blog as well as search engine may not care about your blog (Search engine wants fresh content).

If you are going to publish 15 post per month don’t publish 2-3 posts in a single day or don’t publish all your 15 posts at the first 15 days of the month. Try to publish one post within two days and so on.

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Now this is your time. You can share your opinion about this post as a comment as well as you can add more blogging tips you know. Don’t forget to share this post with your readers.

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25 Responses to "Top 10 Blogging Tips You Might not Heard Earlier"

  1. rahul pahal says:

    Hey Ranuka,
    very wide and effective post in a zipped format I must say. Blog commenting is one of the most important factors for newbies. And the fundamentals you can not forget at any stage that being loyal with the readers.
    rahul pahal recently posted..Get assured approval by Google for Adsense account!!!My Profile

  2. Mitz Pantic says:

    Hey you are right about having no content is better than posting low quality stuff.. I agree…

    And you must be one of the only bloggers that will admit that accepting guest posts can sometimes be bad for your site… funny about that but I kind of agree!

    People do come to see your content, not regurgitated guest posts. A lot of the content is repeated over and over.

    On the other hand, I like guest posting for traffic…:)

    • Hey Mitz,

      Guest posts can kill your blog!!!! I That is correct because guest posts killed one of my friends blog. It may very dangers for SEO also. Thanks for the nice comment Mitz.

  3. Amrish says:

    Really Great info . Right king cannot do any thing without solider . So finally I can say every thing is important . You must concentrate on other think like content, backlinks .Seo .

  4. Emmanuel says:

    I like the point you raised with regards no content is far better than a poor content!
    Ranuka, I obviously do agree with you!
    Emmanuel recently posted..Is your Blog Insured?My Profile

  5. Martin says:

    If you want to grow your blog and increase your readership, then posting frequency is very important. There are some repeated rules of course, but the more you repeat it the better you remember it! Thanks for the post!
    Martin recently posted..The science behind Premium WordPress ThemesMy Profile

  6. Amal Rafeeq says:

    Well put Ranuka,
    That was something really interesting to read. But speaking frankly – all those tips are all over the blogosphere mate. But I really appreciate your effort.
    Keep it up :)
    Amal Rafeeq recently posted..Effective Guide to Affiliate Marketing Success With Best StrategiesMy Profile

  7. Ahsan says:

    For a new blogger, its tough to get popularity immediately. He needs patience & have goal. Everyone does the same you mentioned here. I love your theory Do Something Special to attract the Readers. You must have uniue idea to get success in blogging.

    Anyway thanks for awesome tips
    Ahsan recently posted..Apply For Probationary Officer In Islami Bank Bangladesh LimitedMy Profile

  8. Siddhartha Sinha says:

    Hi Ranuka,

    I think that if you are having good quality and killer content, as you already mentioned that “Content is the King” is the main and sole thing which is going to serve the purpose and your blog will start booming.

    Siddhartha Sinha
    Siddhartha Sinha recently posted..Interview with Madan Gehlot : Successful bloggerMy Profile

    • Ranuka says:

      hey Sinha,

      As a bloggers we can’t do anything without quality content. but, don’t forget other things which I mentioned in this post.


  9. Adrienne says:

    Well you’re probably not surprised that I have heard of all of these Ranuka.

    I also watched Matt’s video when he mentioned guest posting and that you’ll only really benefit if you’re a sought after blogger and that the rest of the bloggers are just wasting their time for the backlinks. Okay, he might not have said it exactly that way but you know what I mean.

    I do admit that there are several blogs I use to visit all the time until all they started accepting tons of guest posts. I didn’t want to hear from everyone else, I wanted to hear from the blog owner. That’s when I stopped following those blogs.

    I only accept guest posts once a month and they aren’t from top notch bloggers but I don’t care. I’m giving my loyal readers a chance to shine so if Google doesn’t like it then that’s their problem.

    There are a lot of so called rules out there now that people are told to follow but I think we all need to walk in our own shoes. Do the best you can to stay on course but also be true to who you are as well.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

    Adrienne recently posted..Goodbye Google Reader and Hello FeedlyMy Profile

    • Ranuka says:

      Hey Adrienne,

      I am not surprised that you have heard of all of these blogging tips because I wrote this post specially for new bloggers. I know that you have more than 4 years experiences about blogging.

      I also watched Matt’s video.

      Thanks for sharing your story for my readers. :-)


  10. ebimablog says:

    This is an explosive post,was actually thinking the topic was just a way of grabbing readers attention,not until i saw the post,its really nice.I especially love where you pointed out READERS,THEN MONEY,but unfortunately that is not the case with many new and intending bloggers nowadays,they always think of blogging as a scheme that wil make them rich over night,i think am gonna share this post with my friends.
    ebimablog recently posted..5 Explosive Tactics To Drive Targeted Traffic From Online Forum.My Profile

    • Ranuka says:

      I agree with your bro. Many new bloggers fail because of reason you mentioned here. They start their blog for just making money. But it is not the blogging.

      Thanks for sharing this post with your friends. :-)

  11. Lisa says:

    #4 is an interesting one Ranuka. What is the theory behind that one? I love #6 and #10. I used to post more often and then realized why? Only if it is worth being shared do I now post. Some who post too often I never get to their latest pieces.
    Lisa recently posted..Vizify Makes it Easy To Promote the Best of You or Your BrandMy Profile

  12. Nice list Ranuka. I see that you have also implemented point no.10 in the same way as John Chow by giving free WP installation service.

    I also strongly agree to the first point that content is not the only king here. Blog design, SEO and blog interaction are also important things that separate our blogs from Wikipedia :D What do you say?

    Great share. Keep posting Ranuka!
    Mahaveer Verma recently posted..101 Ways To Make Money BloggingMy Profile

    • Ranuka says:

      Hey Mahaveer.

      When the beginning of my blogging life, I thought that content is the only thing we should improve as bloggers. But it was a wrong thinking. Everything what you mentioned is very important.


  13. Amazing post my brother as you have included 10 really top tips for any blogger..The best point was the 10th one which was to do something very special..What special thing you do brother for getting success in blogging??
    Techboy Mohit recently posted..Spice Stellar Jazz Mi-353 – Another Android Smartphone within Rs 5,000My Profile

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