Blogger Interview #5 – Amal Rafeeq

Amal Rafeeq is a very young blogger though he has built a successful blog withing very few months. That’s why I selected him even he is very young. I give special thanks to Amal Rafeeq for giving his valuable time for this interview.

Hi Ranuka, first of all thanks a lot for featuring me and giving me this opportunity to speak to your readers about what I got with me. I hope this one will be worth reading it.

Amal Rafeeq

Please mention about you and your blog (main blog) for my readers

Okay, my name is Amal Rafeeq! But I’d like to be called Zion. I just turned 17 last may and I’m back from Kerala, India where people are totally against those who think or do differently.

About my Blog? Well, BloggerDoc was launched back at February this year with an intention to dominate some part of the Blog-O-Sphere by writing about what I know about Blogging, Social Media and Internet Marketing. I’ll be mostly writing about HOW TO survive in the online world.

How did you enter the blogging world?

Through a brown door with a white handle in it! Just kidding! :)

I was seriously into Technology and mostly fond of hacking into online accounts of my friends and back stabbers. I always had the hunger to read and tweak electronic products and learn more about the Cyber World.

As I started reading technology stuffs, I wonder how these blogs work. So I decided to learn about blogging and started one on a tech niche (Since that was my favorite zone). I wrote about hacking, technology and tips and tricks like most of the bloggers did.

Well, in time, I took it as a challenge from an experiment. I put milestones on Traffic, Comments and Subscribers. So, I began reading articles on Blogging and Online Marketing. That’s how it all started.

I came to know about many Bloggers who sky rocketed their presence on the internet by Blogging so hard which inspired me a lot. Harsh Agarwal was one of the guys who put me into this whole thingy. I mean, who doesn’t know about him as a Blogger from India?

How many blogs do you have now? How was your first blog? Was it successful?

I’m now giving my full concentration to my major blog which is BloggerDoc. But I’m having some niche blogs (about 4) with which I target Search Engine traffic and make money through Adsense. Well, it’s a good way to target a specific audience on a niche and make money through them.

My first blog was name CyTricks which got it’s name from the words Cyber and Tricks. That was the blog I’ve talked about in the above question. The one which was about Technology and all. Well from one view, it was successful and from another, it was totally a flop.

The blog was totally going in the wrong direction with the wrong team I selected from my friends who had nothing to do in this zone. As a blog, it had nothing but some page views and clicks.

But as a Blogger, it gave me the kick start and that flop made the adventure and mind to NOT TO GIVE UP inside me.

Are you a part time blogger or a full time blogger?

I’m right now a part time blogger! And my ambition is not a full time Blogger. It doesn’t mean that I’m not going to be giving my mind into blogging in the future. I want to be an Internet Marketer who has a strong online presence. And that’s my dream. For that, a blog can’t alone be the tool for me. I need to think far more than blogging.

How much time do you spend on your blog weekly?

I’m a 12th standard student who doesn’t get much time to sit in front of my computer because of the damn classes.

Well, the rest of time about from 7 to 10 is my working time. And still, some of these days are destroyed with my extra tuition classes on the evenings. So I get to work on my Internet Marketing and Blogging career like about 3 hours every 4 days a week.

In your view, why do most bloggers fail?

Let’s make it simple. The one BIG THING why Bloggers fail is due to OVER EXPECTATIONS. These people think blogging is a get rich quick scheme and dramatically abandon their blogs when they realize the thing that money doesn’t grow on trees.

These people are kinda like Johnny Bravo who thinks it’s just a walk in the park to get girls on his feet.
But the Blog-O-Sphere doesn’t work like that. On any field, success requires will-power, passion on what you’re doing and the guts to convert dreams into realities. Make it happen!

What is the biggest blogging mistake you have done?

Biggest Blogging Mistake? Well, I’ve made so many and I’m not shame to tell you so. I’ve made many mistakes from the time I’ve started my blog and I can’t remember all of them at this instant.

But the Giagantic mistake I’ve ever made is that I wrote too much content and continued to write on without targeting and promoting the posts to reach for more audience. That’s something you REALLY don’t want to do.

I always recommend you to put a milestone of comments, views and social shares to your posts and then go for the next one. What’s the benefit of giving away quality information without reaching out for more audience?

What methods do you use to make money from your blog?

All I knew about making money from a blog at the time I started blogging was advertising. But now I’m filling my wallet mostly from Affiliate Marketing.

Recommending the right products to your trust-worthy audience and getting commissions for conducting a Win-Win-Win deal is a great idea which you should try too. I’m right now doing about 7 to 18 affiliate sales a day which differs from commissions of 15$ to 80$.

Sponsored posts come second where I feature relevant products to my readers. It’s also a good way to get more content out my making some money.

What methods do you use to drive traffic to your blog?

I’m trying to reach out for more targeted audience by connecting with other peopel on the field directly, Guest Blogging and Social Media. Being guests on authority blog is a great way to build more quality links and drive more loyal people to your blog. At the same time, Social media helps you to connect with people who are in the need for your content and reach out for more.

You might be thinking about Search Engines? Well, I’m not targeting Organic Traffic to my blog (Not the Niche Blogs, for BloggerDoc) since I give priority to my readers and write for them. Not for some silly search engine bots.

My biggest policy is to impress your readers with the way you write and get your content automatically shared.

Can you please give few blogging tips for my readers to build a better blog?

Of course and I’d love to. I really want to again remind you that Keep on what you are doing and don’t just give up already by seeing your traffic and revenue. If you love what you do, you will love to see the magical results. Don’t just always go for Blogging about Blogging. Select your niche wisely and where you are expertised in.

And I do NOTE one thing. Whatever you blog about, your Design does matters a lot. Who would want to read from a blog with a design that forces them to say “YUCK”, even though the content is valuable? So go for a premium or super cool theme for your blog.

Never forget to build up your Social Presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. And start building your Email lists now. Email Marketing is like putting money on the list! Never waste a single customer.

Whoa! I hope you liked my words and will make use of what I have. Well, that’s all I got with me. Once again thanks a lot for giving me this opportunity. If you need some assistance on Blogging which you think I can handle, don’t be shy to mail me or ping me through my Social Networks. I’ll be always happy to help.

Good luck. Do well!

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  1. Karmakar says:

    Hi Ranuka…

    Thank you very much for this wonderful interview… :)

    I was quite impressed to know that Amal is in his 12th standard… :) Wow… he has such confidence and knowledge about the blogging…. Really impressive….

    Looking forward for many more interesting interviews… :)

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