How to Make Your First 100$ Online

“Make money online”, one of the most popular three words in the internet nowadays. Millions of people try to make money online, but all of them are not successful because they don’t know how to start making money online.

make money online 100$

The true story about online money

“Make 100$ per day online without doing anything”

“How I make 1000$ per month online”

“Make 100000$ per year very easily”

Many people read this type of posts and they enter the eMoney world. They think that making money online is a very easy work. But after a few weeks they realize that making money online isn’t an easy as they have read. Then they quit.

This is more than 95% of people’s true story. Other 5% do hard work and they will make money online.

How I made fist 100$ online?

I am not 100% sure, but I think it takes more than 6 months to make my first 100$ online.

1. Microworkers – about 40$

2. Fiverr – about 60$ (only for completing 100$)

I made my first 100$ from Microworkers and Fiverr.

How to make your first 100$ online?

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is the best place to make your first 100$ online.

“The world’s largest marketplace for services, starting at $5“

Upcoming Article: I will write an article in near future about how to become a top rated Fiverr seller. I will explain in that post how you can make money from Fiverr.

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2. Google Adsense

If you have a blog, Google Adsense is easiest way to make money at the beginning, don’t forget that you need a good traffic to make decent profit from Adsense.

Read : 15 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

3. GoDaddy Affiliate

Even though GoDaddy hosting is underrated by some users, GoDaddy is the best place to buy domain names. So you can recommend GoDaddy to buy domain names.

GoDaddy Affiliate Banners

$1.99 .Com at GoDaddy.com!

Share your story & Inspire Others. $9.99 .org from GoDaddy.com!

Look at the above banners. They are very eye catching banners. Banners force to buy their services (they give huge discounts).

Note: You might think that you can’t make huge money from GoDaddy only recommending domains. That might be correct. Sometime, you can only make 1$ for a domain sale. Important thing isn’t 1$, the important thing is 1$ can motivate you to make 1000$ per month in the future.

4. Hostgator Affiliate

Hostgator is one of the best webhosting companies in the world. BloggingAndWB also runs on Hostgator servers.

You will be given 50$ Pup to 125$) each sign up from your affiliate URL.

You can create your own 25% discount coupon code or 10$ discount coupon code after creating a Hostgator affiliate account. There is a huge chance to make money from Hostgator because of these coupon codes (people like to get discounts).

5. Offer a free service

Offer a free service like free WordPress installing service to your readers. Then add a condition, if they want to get service as a free service, they have to use your affiliate link to buy a product.

6. Content Writing

Most bloggers are busy, so they hire article writers usually. If you have written high quality article for your blog, then create a “hire me page”. Add cheap price at the beginning, then increase it later. If your articles are really high quality it is not easy to become a freelancer writer.

How did you make your first 100$ online?

I know that many BloggingAndWB readers have made 100$ already. So you can share how you made first 100$ online. It is also really helpful to be motivated to BloggingAndWB readers who couldn’t make money online yet.

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8 Responses to "How to Make Your First 100$ Online"

  1. hafiz says:

    I’ve earned my first $100 through a micro gig site called seoclerks, which was an awesome experience. i never earned good money from adsene so far. May be in future i may earn good income from adsense.

    hafiz recently posted..Microsoft Office Word 2007 in Telugu View Tab part 16My Profile

  2. Rafay Ansar says:

    Ranuka Herath, Thanks for sharing useful and informative post. Google Adsense no doubt is the best way to earn..:)

  3. jennifererrasta says:


    Online earning is the best way to earn extra income. One day I am start work online but i have no idea what i do because i have not proper information regarding it then my friend refer your link then I check your blog and this blog provide me awesome and effective information.

  4. Singh says:

    I’ve earned my first $100 through a micro gig site called seoclerks, which was an awesome experience. i never earned good money from adsene so far. May be in future i may earn good income from adsense.

    Singh recently posted..What are the Benefits of Using a Unified Email Management System?My Profile

  5. Hi Ranuka,

    Everything you have written about in this post is true. Making money online is not as easy as some people would have you think.

    I have these same affiliates, as of yet, still haven’t made a sale. The stats are this: it takes someone 7 views of a product to finally make a purchase.

    I’m an affiliate for these products because I love them and they are reliable. I’m particular about the products I promote.
    Good post :)
    Geri Richmond recently posted..Make Some Cash With Squidoo #6 MarkupMy Profile

  6. Emmanuel says:

    I made my first $100 online through Adsense until I was hit with a calamity! I was banned!
    Emmanuel recently posted..The word FREE is Dangerous in BloggingMy Profile

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