Could Just Anyone Do What SEO Companies Do?


Ever since computers started to proliferate the homes and offices of the general public, people assume that you can do anything that the pros can do. From upgrading the RAM on your tower, to installing new drivers, operating systems and so much more.

images-3More than ever before, you’ll find that tutorials, videos, and even books come out to tout the fact that tech can be conquered by anyone.

Could that be true about search engine optimization? Could just anyone do exactly what SEO companies do? That’s a question worth exploring, especially with so many companies trying to compete for market share in this industry.

True Optimization Takes A Lot of Time

The one factor in all of this that no one seems to think about is simple, there’s a time quotient involved. When you replace RAM on a computer, you simply add a chip to the existing slot or you replace an existing one.

That’s it, you open up your box or laptop and you install the chip and watch your computer start to take a faster route to process certain pieces.

There is no easy, open and shut, option when it comes to optimizing your pages for search. Too many people make the assumption that you can simply open up your site and do the same thing that professional SEO companies can do.

If you have hours on end, each and every day, then yes. You can definitely do this on a professional level, it will just take you hours on end, daily.

Even after months of involvement, you may not find yourself getting much traffic, which is the one caveat to the “DIY” methodology that so many bloggers are promoting in regards to SEO.

Building Relationships (Backlinks)

When you work within SEO companies, you don’t have to make the hard introductions. You don’t have to try and find other sites in your niche and then email them without warning.

It’s difficult to manage the link generation necessary to get traffic from search engines. Most people don’t realize just how complicated this can be, and it’s for that simple reason that you may find yourself fighting to get just 1 link from a relevant source. When you hire a company that specializes in this type of work, however, you will find that the links start to proliferate a bit faster.

You cannot compare what someone does on a professional level in this industry against what someone that is doing this as a hobby can do. It takes a certain level of experience to get moving forward with proper implementation, that’s for sure.

Internet Marketing

. They work on internet marketing as a whole. The branches here are part of a larger network of options that you have to build towards or you will not get any sort of influence within search results.images

Getting to that #1 spot in Google is a complicated endeavor, and something that will definitely require you to forge ahead with marketing and optimization hand in hand.

Without both of them working simultaneously, you will not see increases in your numbers, and could end up waiting six months or longer for the SEO to take you to new heights.

No matter whom you decide to hire, make sure that you have realistic goals and ideas as to what you are going to get as a result of optimization.

Most people get confused as to what companies can do in regards to getting attention on the internet. Do not assume that you will be #1 overnight, and do not assume that you are going to be able to turn this on and see a deluge of traffic.

These things take time, and could take years before you are the #1 site in your niche.